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Short Clean-up Approval
Ledge/rock ISN'T on 101 Lamb St.
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DPW Attleboro Contaminated

Catalysts and the Gas Stations
at Greatest Risk of Impacting the Area


As I wrote recently, gasoline acts as a catalyst, when combined with the contaminants, creating high impact areas, that don't seem to be a result of the DPW. This is of course, if we didn't know any better. If the DPW and Sludge Landfill aren't cleaned, areas such as these, are going to deal with higher levels of toxins, near homes or businesses. Although, it might appear these stations, won't be impacted, due to their distance from the property. Tracking contaminants, especially during the winter, changes that dramatically. Whenever you're dealing with a catalyst, less is actually much more than one anticipates.

I'm including, a couple photos, of gas stations, that are no longer operational. This does not eliminate them as a threat. If old tanks were left in the ground and/or leaking, this makes it a hot zone for contaminants to strengthen and affect the air, land, and water in the area.

Starting closest to the contaminated Attleboro DPW - omitting the fueling station at the Department of Public Works, on Lamb Street, because, that goes without saying.

Here's a relic of a fueling station on Thacher Street. If tanks have not been changed, I'd be concerned about their condition considering how old they are. I know, the station has been updated since this photo, BUT even if new tanks were installed, this does not eliminate any gas that leaks in the area as a problem. Considering the amount of traffic on this road, tracking of contaminants to this point, are a definite concern.

Thacher Street


Questionable clean-up methods on Wall Street makes this station a hot zone.
Cumberland Farms on the corner of County Street and Wall Street.

cumberland farms


Although, the following station is down the road from Lamb Street - tracking is still a big concern during the winter. Here's a repair shop on South Main Street, which appears to have once been a fueling station. Considering, gasoline leaking in bays is possible, if not likely, and old tanks, could remain in the ground, you can easily see where there are potential problems.

south main street

Here's Dodgeville Country Store on South Main Street. Lot's of factors make this a hot spot - from old tanks in the ground to the pond across the street with combining contaminants. Seeping and leaking increase volatility creating a problem for any home around this property come winter. Depending on the number of snow/ice storms we have, tracking contaminants to this station is very likely.

dodgeville country store

The following is on the corner of Central Ave and Edward's Ave in Seekonk. It's a similar scenario to Claudino's above - an old station now a repair shop. Once again contaminant tracking and reacting is the concern.

central ave

I suppose, I want to sum up the page with the following, if you think this siutation can't become widespread - please think again.

Read the preceding page about the fueling station upgrades on Central Ave.

DPW Atteboro Contaminated

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