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Dodge Mill: The Science Behind the Problem
Originally posted on FB June 4th 2017
At this time, I was working on a letter to Dodge Mill, alerting them to the contamination heading their way.
Folks, in America, according to its concept and design, we're supposed to look-out for one another. If you see someone in the path of destruction,
you're obligated to tell them to get out of the way! So of course, #wecandothis

Letter to Dodge Mill Below Simple Science Videos

dodge millYes, the drought has officially ended with substantial rains throughout the spring bringing water tables back to normal. Sounds like good news right? Here's a little lesson in compound contamination and creating "new" mixtures as the river flows.
We have the DPW on Lamb St which has been festering since they cut into the property in 2015. As of the end of summer, it will be 2 years since the start. Now, how long does it take this extremely dangerous list of contaminants to make it down the river in large enough quantities to affect Dodgeville Pond? We are swiftly approaching this point as the rains help it along. If left unstopped the contaminants from Lamb will mix with the contaminants at Dodgeville Pond.

What was once a place where many kids go to spend an afternoon throw back fishing, will become a wasteland as these contaminants from now two locations combine. And the iconic Dodge Mill will stand in jeopardy, as it rests along the same riverbank. If this weren't bad enough, the river will do what rivers do and continue to flow and pass under Tiffany St mixing with any chemicals near the sand and gravel blast site, then on to Hebronville mixing with any contaminants along the way including those by the Hebron Mill apartment complex.

Proceed down 152 a bit further and you mix with the contaminants on Pond Street - the same area where Seekonk is continuing a federally funded EPA clean-up on Maple Ave where the Attleboro Dye and Finishing company used to reside. Can you imagine the mess this would create, if we allow the river to run that far? So do the math, how many sites, with varying contaminants, will compound, snowball, and react, as the river continues to run? Seems to me a chemist would know better than to mix such things. Why are we letting a river do this on its own?

Follow the path of contamination yourself here at google maps - just follow the river.

Simple Science and Chemical Reactions
.....and these are just ordinary household items.

Letter to Dodge Mill - Mailed 6-6-17

preambe US Constitution
Good Day,

My name is Donna Lacourse, I'm a resident of the city, and live on South Main St, just down the road from your mill. I'm writing to let you know what is going on in the city, because, if it is left the way it is, your property is in trouble. I'm sure you noticed the new DPW on Lamb St. This was built on contaminated property, that wasn't remedied and has contaminated the river which pours into Dodgeville Pond. These contaminates are extremely dangerous. They include PCB, TCE, toxic metals and likely mercury.

As if this weren't bad enough, we have to also consider the contaminates that are already in Dodgeville Pond, which alone wouldn't be an issue, BUT they will ultimately mix with the contaminates running down the river and create a very volatile situation at your property. The blasting nearby at the sand and gravel pit will only increase problems for you.

Given the historical significance of your building, I'm very concerned for both the building and the people who work inside. If something isn't done to stop this contamination from running into the pond, it will have a devastating effect on the pond, potentially emit gases into your building, and affect the air you breathe.

As the contamination approaches your land, what you need to take into consideration is the drought we had last year. During the drought and even throughout the winter, contaminants were somewhat stationary – resting along the banks of the river and the DPW property. Once the heavy rains set in this spring, all that contamination hydrated, and ran into the river, causing patches of high concentrations, which have since worked its way down stream, and are swiftly approaching you.

Please see the enclosed email between myself and the Mayor (same email posted on the first page of this site) – I believe this solidly supports the concerns I'm sending to you. And please take action on your own and see that the city stops this contamination from reaching the pond ASAP.

Thank you,

Donna Lacourse


And if you weren't already aware of it, Dodge Mill is an official Pokemon GO, Pokestop! : )



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