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9-8-2020 If below is true then here's a Community Action Plan to get you started managing the situation on your own. (updated 9-10-20)

9-4-2020 I've heard there is increasing concern in the city of Attleboro regarding mercury in tap water. If anyone has any conclusive info about the situation please email me. If the rumors are true, I hope you all try a flyer campaign throughout the city. You need to get everyone off tap water ASAP. Don't drink/ingest it bathe in it or do laundry with it!




Attleboro residents, I wrote the Sun Chronicle back in January asking them to do a story regarding the mercury found in Falls Pond in North Attleboro in 2019. I thought locals might find it interesting that the Sun didn't run a story and the relationship between the two towns when it was posted to the Town of N Attleboro's website. Personally, I'd like to know if the situation in Attleboro plays a role in what happened at Falls Pond.

Below is part of the email I wrote in Jan 2020

FYI: I noticed the sun chronicle did a story (2015) on mercury levels in North Attleboro at the major ponds. There were no restrictions put on the area with regard to eating fish caught in the pond then. In summer of 2019 North Attleboro released a poster regarding high mercury levels and a warning not to eat the fish. Might be worth following considering the situation in the city. 

----end of email-----

Anything ran in the summer of 2019 DID NOT answer the Attleboro question. IS THERE A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HIGH MERCURY LEVELS AND THE ATTLEBORO DPW?

In conclusion, what I need you to understand is North Attleboro used to have their mercury tainted fish info posted public. Now it's only available with a town login. I had to prove it was there with a keyword search. Sounds fishy to me.

Search results at the Town of North Attleboro website.

mercury north attleboro falls pond

The best way to get the gist, of what is going on in town, is by reading every page below. I'm certain you'll walk away with full understanding of the situation, which will better equip you to make decisions, to protect yourself, and your families. Start with the introduction below.

If you want it all on one page then, I suggest reading Warning Letters November 2016 mailed to  every major department in the city. It pretty much summarizes the situation.


epa - massDEP
Mass EPA letter
in response to my inquiry. 12-2-2016

Evidence of Contamination @ the Department of Public Works
How many times do you have to landscape a property before you realize there's a problem?
Find Out Here
Safety Tips Warnings and Concerns
Lamb Thacher Ellis and Riverside
Olive Street - Wall Street Area

Lots of rain on Friday 7/7 - read how this affects
Dodge Mill & Dodgeville Pond

Emails to Local Politicians and Their Responses
Betty Poirier - Paul Heroux - Richard Ross

Read the Letter
Letter mailed to Norfolk County Commissioners,
asking them to reconsider Timilty as Treasurer
Warning Letters November 2016
Read the warning letters mailed to
every major department in the city.
All Things Seekonk
Town Hall Letter - Drained Pond - New Landfill 4 Attleboro - Local Environmental Hazards
FB post to then Senator Timilty
FB post which includes satellite photography
and the emails that followed.

Contact city hall and
demand answers.

New posts are announced on FACEBOOK
Supplemental Information Available
Including photos of the DPW & river deterioration.
State Department Files
on the project 309 files in total.

First file is their own aerial imagery
use to compare with googles.

Lamb Street Satellite Images @ Google Maps

DPW Contaminated Water | TCE PCB Mercury
Cadmium |Barium| Synthetic Ricin | Toxic Attleboro Massachusetts

Who is more ignorant?Ok folks, here's the email between myself and the mayor (below). As you can see he provided no information regarding the area being safe other than conclusions from old reports which stated contaminants were reduced not removed - while never addressing the heavy contamination in the rock under the new parking lot. These chemicals are still there, affecting the area, because they weren't addressed properly by the geologist either! In other words, no steps were taken to remove them. This is not my first letter to the mayor. He received the same letter every rep I could find in the area received last summer. I also addressed then, Senator Timilty on his FB (email included) regarding the problem and he, after promising a response, deleted the photo of the satellite photography from his FB wall and blocked my email address. Now he's working in Norfolk County as treasurer.

Here is one of the Google satellite images no one at city hall will address. They clearly show mishandled hazardous waste and cross contamination on top of a new (now contaminated parking lot) over rock.
The chemicals on this property have to be taken seriously- they aren't, as some consider in town, just a little lead. These are highly toxic, carcinogenic elements now seeping into the local groundwater, soil, river and puts every property around the river in danger - as it heads toward Dodgeville Pond.

dpwNow, as you can see in the first email (below) I promised I'd flyer the area. I will incur the expense if necessary as they will be printed and mailed, but it sure would help if Attleboro residents would tell their friends and neighbors what's going on. Our little network of "I heard it through town" can be quite powerful when used, and now's the time to use it. The area (Lamb St Thacher St and Riverside Ave) need information about the situation. These kids living along the river, can't be playing along side it, due to the extent and toxicity of the contaminants - WE DON'T WANT KIDS WITH CANCER, and any properties in the area, who use wells, need to consider having their water checked. The contaminants affect the air, land, and water in the area. This includes the DPW so I'm really concerned about long term exposure of the workers and of those who live across from the project.

BTW: I know I'm not the only Attleboro resident who noticed while every other town surrounding us was dug out of the snow and down to pavement last winter, our roads were still snow coated and a mixture that appeared to be mostly sand was tossed upon them. A bit odd considering the massive salt barn at the DPW, don't you think? Well, I believe, if you read between the lines of the email below, you'll see what really happened last winter.

Also, until we have more information, it's best to avoid any restaurants at Attleboro Crossing including Dunkin Donuts - given their proximity to the DPW, contaminated water is a huge concern. Personally, I stopped using the plaza summer of 2016 for the same reason - the problem has increased since then.

After reviewing all the information herein, I'd like you to come back to this question: If none of this were true, wouldn't I have been arrested, or at the very least ordered to desist by the police department?
- You can't shout FIRE in a crowded theater, if it weren't true.

Stand up - It matters
Contact city hall and DEMAND a Clean Up IMMEDIATELY! #CleanHarbors

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lamb street attleboro


TCE PCBs Mercury Barium Cadmium Attleboro Massachusetts - Lamb St Reports EPA MassDEP


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: Lamb Street
From: <donna@equestdesigns.com>
Date: Tue, May 30, 2017 9:17 am
To: "Kevin Dumas" <mayor@cityofattleboro.us>
Cc: "'Gary Ayrassian'" <cityplanner@cityofattleboro.us>,
budgetadmin@cityofattleboro.us, "'Alan Perry'"
<healthagent@cityofattleboro.us>, "'Lance Hill'"
<dpwsupervisor@cityofattleboro.us>, "Martin, Gerard (DEP)"
<gerard.martin@state.ma.us>, "Doug Heely" <dheely@esm-inc.com>

Mr Dumas,

I didn't refuse to meet with anyone, I asked that we discuss the evidence through email. Your avoidance of the photography is obvious.

And lastly, in an attempt to make me relinquish my concerns you expect me to accept your denial of the facts and old reports as a sufficient response. The fact that any measures were taken this past winter regarding chemicals in the salt verifies all my claims.  A senator who resigned from office (citing other reasons) also supports my concerns.  This same senator refused to answer my questions about the short clean up AFTER promising a response on his Facebook account. Instead he blocked my email, deleted the post, and hid.  I have a copy of this also if you would like to review it.  After all this, he coincidentally resigns? Nobody would buy that if they knew the truth.

I sent a grievance into the health department regarding the matter and I'll wait until I hear from them before I decide what I can do to get the information necessary to the people who are trying to live healthy lives around the river because there is far more to support my claims than yours.

Thank you,
Donna Lacourse

7-25-17 Notation: If you were wondering, I never heard from the health department.

Break between emails due to the long weekend.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: Lamb Street
From: "Kevin Dumas" <mayor@cityofattleboro.us>
Date: Thu, May 25, 2017 12:13 pm
To: <donna@equestdesigns.com>
Cc: "'Gary Ayrassian'" <cityplanner@cityofattleboro.us>,
<budgetadmin@cityofattleboro.us>, "'Alan Perry'"
<healthagent@cityofattleboro.us>, "'Lance Hill'"
<dpwsupervisor@cityofattleboro.us>, "Martin, Gerard (DEP)"
<gerard.martin@state.ma.us>, "Doug Heely" <dheely@esm-inc.com>

Ms. Lacourse,
Thank you for your reply and I ask that you choose “reply all” in the future emails as to ensure that all parties are able to view your response. 
Again, and as documented, all proper protocol has been followed at this site with all levels of government. 
If you change your mind, I will be glad to schedule a meeting with the proper officials if you change your mind.
Kind regards,
Kevin J. Dumas
Mayor | Office of the Mayor
City of Attleboro | City Hall - Government Center |
77 Park Street | Attleboro, MA  02703
p: 508.223.2222 x3221 | f: 508.222.2513 | mayor@cityofattleboro.us


From: <donna@equestdesigns..com>
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2017 11:31 AM
To: Kevin Dumas <mayor@cityofattleboro.us>
Subject: RE: Lamb Street
 FTR: This response was infact forwarded to all other recipients - I did so after responding to the mayor.

Mr Dumas,
When I rebutted Mr Healy's claims and included photographs which proved that he was in error, I never heard from him again. I copied you on that same email. In our first correspondence, you assured me my concerns would be satisfied and they weren't. It's not as though I haven't been trying to leave town Mr Mayor. And given your response and little proof other than old reports which contradicts evidence around the site, suggests a long standing resident such as myself and her claims are of little worth?
I showed contaminated piles on a new driveway over rock through google maps and deterioration of the river in photography last summer but  I'm dismissed? Why wouldn't you consider testing the property when I asked this of you last year? Government is only as solid as the people representing it and unfortunately not everyone has the people in mind. Instead they only consider themselves.
And regarding another Attleboro resident, who works for the city, why would this driver make such claims about the salt considering he was asked a simple question, why are the roads so bad this winter? Are you telling me the very people you claim to represent concocted this idea themselves?  His exact response was, someone complained about chemicals in the salt - did you buy new salt and have less stored?
We all have a copy of the photos which prove contrary to everything you claim in email. And why would I want to talk to the DEP when these supposed environmental representatives aren't addressing the photography which  I made available to every representative in the city. And you made no mention of the EPA, who issued the short clean up on a property that wasn't a parking lot.
I'm not looking for you to defend the project, I'm asking you to work for the people, even if that is only one person who has the whole in consideration and evidence to support her claims.
I am doing what I can to leave the city, but while I'm here I have to live across from the very pond you say isn't fed by a contaminated river.
I would agree to a group email where evidence can be shared and discussed so we can all have copies. BUT to use old reports against new evidence wouldn't satisfy anyone's concerns.
Thank you,
Donna Lacourse
-------- Original --------
Subject: RE: Lamb Street
From: "Kevin Dumas" <mayor@cityofattleboro.us>
Date: Thu, May 25, 2017 10:07  To: <donna@equestdesigns.com>
Cc: "'Gary Ayrassian'" <cityplanner@cityofattleboro.us>,
<budgetadmin@cityofattleboro.us>, "'Alan Perry'"
<healthagent@cityofattleboro.us>, "'Lance Hill'"
<dpwsupervisor@cityofattleboro.us>, <mayor@cityofattleboro.us>, "Martin,
Gerard (DEP)" <gerard.martin@state.ma.us>, "Doug Heely" <dheely@esm-inc.com>
Dear Ms. Lacourse,
Thank you for your email and for your concern.  Last year, in the matter of your interest and that of others, I made sure to provide you with direct correspondence with the City’s licensed site professional who has worked on the subject property.  He has not done this in isolation but rather he has done so with the direct involvement with the Department of Environmental Protection. 
It is important to note that your claim of contaminated salt is not accurate and in fact was used all during the snow and ice operations last season.  Further, your claim of contaminated water run off is also not accurate and will be defended if in fact you continue to make such claims.  Moreover, the City acts in the best interests of its residents for their protection and safety and we will continue to do just that.
In order to show you such good faith, I will be happy to set up a meeting with the Department of Environmental Protection and the City’s licensed site professional to discuss the subject property with you if you wish. 
Kevin J. Dumas
Mayor | Office of the Mayor
City of Attleboro | City Hall - Government Center |
77 Park Street | Attleboro, MA  02703
p: 508.223.2222 x3221 | f: 508.222.2513 | mayor@cityofattleboro.us
From: donna@equestdesigns.com
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 11:27 AM
To: mayor@cityofattleboro.us
Subject: Lamb Street
Mr Dumas,
A friend of the family informed me that the salt at the DPW wasn't used this past winter due to chemicals in the salt. She is friends with one of the drivers who plows/sands the roads, and this is where she obtained the information
My concern is for Riverside, Thacher, Lamb Street and Dodgeville Pond. It has been many months since the construction on this contaminated site, we've had significant rainfalls which only worsens problems. The river was contaminated last summer by the DPW, and now is intensified. These people have homes along the river. They could be on well water, as is the DPW, and they are likely going to use their water outdoors for cooling off and even filling pools. I would like this section of town warned about the possible problems in their water supply - they have the right to know what is going on because it is their health on the line. I would like to urge them to have their water checked.
Would you please provide me with information to ease my concerns if there is any available?  I'm considering sending flyers out to the area surrounding the river if someone doesn't tell these people the truth. If there is no information about securing the people around the river and protecting them, then I'm given no other alternative but to warn them myself. 
Thank you,
Donna Lacourse

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