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First file is their own aerial imagery
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Superfund Reports Lamb St

Attleboro DPW Massachusetts

TCE - Mercury - PCBs
Arsenic - Strychnine - Heavy Metals

Cadmium | Barium


Environmental Protection Agency & Mossberg Cleanup

from the Environmental Protection Agency

2005 Cleanup Nears Finish at Apco Mossberg Superfund Site - epa

The Apco Mossberg Company, Inc. Site (the "Site") was purchased in 1916 by the Frank Mossberg Company, which manufactured tools, automobile starters, and spring kits. Apco Mossberg Company, Inc. assumed ownership of the property in 1937. Fifty years later, in 1987, the manufacturing building was destroyed by a fire. 

EPA is undertaking a removal action at the Site to address metal contamination present in surface soils and debris piles on and around the former manufacturing building foundation. The removal action is also addressing polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) contamination in capacitors and surface soils and the presence of compressed gas cylinders. excerpted

EPA discovered PCBs, lead, cadmium, and heavy metals in surface soils and debris piles on the property. These hazardous substances were directly exposed to the environment and believed to result from former manufacturing processes conducted on the property between 1900 and 1987. The contamination was also found in wetland and riverbank soils adjacent to the Ten Mile River. excerpted

According to the Environmental Protection Agency: A superfund cleanup starts when anyone discovers or reports a waste site or the possible release of hazardous materials. - source

Apco Mossberg Superfund Clean up Reports and Documents

Clean up Photo Log 2004
| 2005 Clean Up Images
- You have to ask yourself, where are wide angle photos, in any of their logs, of the ledge/rock side of the property,
or any part of the property for that matter? Google Satellite image of ledge/rock posted below.
And I sure would like to see some photos, of all this contaminated soil, mentioned in the reports, as it's carried off the property.

Something like this: Superfund CIBA-GEIGY Corp Dover Township, New Jersey

Google Maps Satellite Image 2013

I used a bit of contrast to bring out the shading in the rock -what do you think caused the shading?
See image in its original state here. Return to reports above

google satellite overhead

contaminated heaps


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Hazardous Waste HAZMAT Management

TCE - mercury - PCBs - arsenic - strychnine - Heavy Metals | Synthetic Ricin
Blacksmith - Pewter - Iron - Dodge Mill - Lamb Street - Tannery - Cadmium - Barium on report pg 291

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