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Ledge/rock ISN'T on 101 Lamb St.
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Don't assume we can make it through another winter...

Attleboro Contaminated
North - Rehoboth - Plainville - Seekonk - Norton - Massachusetts - Cumberland - Pawtucket - Rhode Island

look now what have they sold you

there comes a time

get yourselves togetherFolks, it's not business as usual here in Attleboro, but it appears all is well. I see politicians are gearing up their campaigns amid our crisis, while not addressing the problem or the people. I see nothing but a contradiction, as I compare the literal meltdown occurring and their ongoing pursuit of votes. Personally, I think it's repugnant and rude. The contaminants are poison and the situation is only worsening as we wait.....for the EPA to accept the majority of culpability and permit/fund clean up of the mess they allowed, for the city to present an action plan to its residents, and for those locally, but not criminally involved, to step up and do their jobs as our elected officials by keeping us informed throughout the situation. Included in this blog are some projections which we are quickly approaching as the winter months near. Please request action by our local representatives so we can stabilize our city and eliminate the threat which is upon us now.

The biggest problems we're facing this winter are tracking, compounding, and reacting contaminants. Following are some illustrations to help you understand how serious this situation really is. Otherwise in the majorities blindness, administers of government can delay to their advantage, while we remain ignorant to its effects.

Although lucky last winter, without a large number of heavy snowfalls throughout the season, we have to assume a hard hitting winter could be on the way. If so, then the increase in snowfalls, combined with tracking and absorption of contaminants, in sand/salt on the streets, make for an extremely dangerous winter in Attleboro and surrounding communities. Lets start with the problems in Dodgeville, just around the corner from Thacher and well within tracking range. The gas station down the road from dodge mill is volatile enough as it is. Add the contaminants which remain from the mill, while it was operational, and like the pond itself - we are combining contaminants from two locations. Add a catalyst and the results could be devastating. We'd love to think the pipes in the roads are encased without the possibility of penetration - but this just isn't the case. As with all building materials, they wear over time, hence, pipeline bursts etc. To sum up the dodgeville area - post winter, I won't be confident my water supply hasn't been compromised and neither should you.

Look familiar? Dodge Mill Bell Tower From Camp StreetThe same scenario will play out through the city with Thacher, Lamb, Olive and Wall Street as the channels which provide plenty of traffic to move contaminants around. And, like Dodge Mill, other contaminants will combine with those tracked, compounding the problem, while gas stations intensify the reaction.

The only way to prevent this from occurring is to shut down the roads mentioned above. As you can see, till now, nothing has been done to contain these poisons where they rest, so it's safe to assume these free roaming contaminants will make their way throughout the city this winter. Way too many factors prove there is a problem in the city. We can't sit idly by, waiting and watching, hoping something is done. We have to insist these contaminants are stopped in their tracks and removed before winter. Those delaying the process also understand cancer and fertility problems might not occur for 5-10 years, so a delay works to their advantage, as long as anyone affected by the situation, doesn't put two and two together. If such a tragedy should happen to anyone in Attleboro, I hope they revisit Lamb Street as the cause because, they'd be entitled to compensation. This of course does not eliminate cancer and illness happening in the 1-3 year range. Since these are highly carcinogenic toxins, breast cancer and other body and blood cancers can result at anytime if things remain as they are. Small children and those with compromised immunity are at an even greater risk of health problems.

Another problem which needs to be considered is, Attleboro uses contaminated soil under new roads. This is not an uncommon practice. Unfortunately through their narrow minded point of view, diluted contaminants are considered safe to reuse on city scapes. Folks, dilution ratios and sniff tests are meaningless when combined with a catalyst! So, anywhere they've reused contaminated soil within tracking range of the streets aforementioned WILL compound with the contaminants mentioned herein, creating more destruction of property while compromising the health of our residents further. Add deteriorating pipes under these roads and we'll all have to worry about our water supply next spring.

As I wrote, surrounding communities are also in danger of allowing these contaminants to roam free through their streets. North Attleboro, Norton, and Seekonk are at the greatest risk of problems, but every border town is a concern. I hope these towns consider Attleboro's lack of initiative and take matters into their own hands. There has to be something these communities can file with the state house to prevent these poisons from crossing their borders into their communities, whilst assisting Attleboro residents in demanding a clean-up.

Here are a few questions that need answers BEFORE winter hits.

  • Where will the sand and salt be stored?
  • How will you secure the areas affected and prevent them from affecting other areas?
  • When can we expect a clean up?

You shouldn't keep us waiting Attleboro city hall- It's a deadly mix emerging.

In closing, Massachusetts is known throughout the United States as one of the most corrupt states in the union, so with this in mind, do you think our city is devoid of this truth and all of our politicians are noble and at our service?...Think again.
Stop campaigning and start working elected officials....

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