DPW Lamb Street

How many times do you have to landscape a property before you realize it's contaminated?

Here are a number of photos which show varying landscapes at the DPW - starting Sept 2015.
I'm sure some believed the drought last summer was the cause.
And I suppose I could see it that way too, if the photos didn't date back as far as Sept. 2015.

Look through the photography with captions and decide for yourself.

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Here is the letter I received from Masss EPA dated 12-2-2016
Added 7/10/17
Evidence of Contamination
How many times do you have to landscape a property before you realize there's a problem?
Find Out Here
Safety Tips Warnings and Concerns
Lamb Thacher Ellis and Riverside
Olive Street - Wall Street Area

Added 7/7
Emails to Local Politicians and Their Responses
Betty Poirier - Paul Heroux - Richard Ross

Lots of rain on Friday 7/7 - read how this affects
Dodge Mill & Dodgeville Pond

Read the Letter
Letter mailed to Norfolk County Commissioners,
asking them to reconsider Timilty as Treasurer
Warning Letters November 2016
Read the warning letters mailed to
every major department in the city.
All Things Seekonk
Town Hall Letter - Drained Pond - New Landfill - Local Environmental Hazards
FB post to then Senator Timilty
FB post which includes satellite photography
and the emails that followed.

Contact city hall and
demand answers.

New posts are announced on FACEBOOK
Supplemental Information Available
Including photos of the DPW & river deterioration.
State Department Files
on the project 309 files in total.

First file is their own aerial imagery
use to compare with googles.

Let's start with a satellite photo of the area - just beyond the first gate - Sept 2015
Sept 2015 - Here's the landscape at the second gate.
satellite img second gate

Here's the dpw in April of 2016. Notice the LARGE shrubs in front of the fence (right side of gate) - notice also browning on the shrubs

dpw 4/2016
The photo below was taken June 2016 - notice again the shrubs - some were replaced by smaller ones.
june 2016
Now, here's the front of the DPW again in August 2016
Notice the grass is dying and mulch piled high around the trees.
august 1 2016
On Saturday, 9/10/2016 Lamb Street (the road in front of the dpw) was opened.
I believe it was Lisco Irrigation working on the irrigation system.
On 9/12/2016 I did some drive by snaps of the area while Lisco was there removing/replacing trees and shrubs again.
Sorry for the quality of the photos I was shooting through a windshield while driving.
Here is a blurry photo BUT you can still see a new tree, with orange tag, behind the fence, waiting to be planted.
tree behind fence
9-12-16 That night I drove by after Lisco left to see what was going on - and clean soil is found at the DPW obviously for the new landscape
clean soil
clean fill II
Here's the area after landscaping, with some new top soil, and irrigation up and running.
Photographed 9/14/2016


new top soil
A New Well Water Sign is Added to the Property
well water
left side







I hope this was enough to assist you in coming to a conclusion about the property.

Also, if anyone knows the people at Lisco Irrigation, could you give them the heads up about what they were
digging in that day? - They have the right to know.

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