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keep talking attleboro
Here's the letter I received from EPA Massachusetts, I'm still waiting for a response from FED EPA. Both were mailed August 2016.

The letter includes a lot of technical jargon, that amounts to no more than: Look how I can dazzle you with bullshit. No, we won't retest the property even though evidence proves otherwise. Everything is great as long as there are no kids are on the property......And what photographs? We didn't see any photographs.


Photos were included in the packet, which include google's contaminated heaps on NEW driveway. It was not, however, wrapped in copy as I have it in the letter below. I had them printed at CVS, and mailed them along with the other information.

The following are my findings after looking at the satellite photography. They make far more sense than the EPA's conclusions about the property using the same photos.

"If the site were monitored by any of the various environmental agencies mentioned on the reports, they would never have permitted first, a short clean up and second, placement of contaminated heaps on newly paved surfaces. We also now have proof that any report written by the geologist on the job is void. The satellite photography nullifies his account of any and all contaminants and their removal." excerpted from warning letter to city departments.

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Here's the letter I sent to the epa - it's very similar to those sent to local politicians.

US Environmental Protection Agency
5 Post Office Square
Boston, MA 02109-3912

contaminated heapsMy name is Donna Lacourse. I currently live in Attleboro, MA and have a rather significant complaint to make against the town of Attleboro. Last Sept the city broke ground to open a new DPW with salt barn and fueling station. None of this would be an issue if they hadn't built this on a contaminated site.

The property is 101 Lamb St in Attleboro Massachusetts. Approximately 30 years ago there was a fire at Mossberg Co. and according to the EPA report last updated on June 27, 2011 on your website, the company manufactured tools, automobile starters, and spring kits. It was alleged years ago and commonly known in the town that this property was never supposed to be built upon. Well somebody found their way around that and labeled this toxic site a short clean up. Now, I've been watching clean-ups around town where lead is the contaminent, and what I've noticed is, these sites are on parking lots, buildings are torn down and refuse heaps remain for removal. What makes Lamb St much different is the fact that this lot was predominately land/soil and the clean-up, as I've shown in satellite photography enclosed, included removing mass quantities of contaminated soil. My problem is this, how do I know they were able to remove all the soil that was contaminated considering it has been held in the ground by trees, brush, and other vegetation for about 30 years?

The contaminates, according to your report, included pcb's. From what I understand there is a certain procedure you are supposed to follow when dealing with such a toxic element, BUT there were no vacuum trucks, no drums, nobody monitoring the site. Instead a construction company handled cracking open the earth, which had remained intact all these years, and dug up massive piles of soil for removal. Where is the scientific proof for the residents of the city that the site had been cleaned?

There are now new variables to consider with the buildings which have been constructed. First the fueling station, if any gasoline should leak underground and mix with these contaminants couldn't this pose an even greater threat/risk to the community? And taking into consideration the salt barn and the very nature of salt as a porous substance, indicates any toxic elements, beneath the surface of this barn, could be absorbed by this sand/salt mixture and ultimately poured all over town next winter. I'm sorry, but I need more than Wes's Construction trucks and state approval of a SHORT clean up to prove this site is safe. I see the potential for a much larger environmental event occurring when taking into consideration all the variables the site now presents.
Would you please look into this situation as soon as possible. I've lived in Attleboro most of my life, but I'm considering moving out of the city if someone doesn't address this situation soon.

Thank you so much for your time and thought on this matter,
Donna Lacourse
398 South Main St
Attleboro, MA 02703

Enclosed you'll find satellite photos from Google maps which show the refuse piles, and the epa report at your website. More photos can be found at the facebook page listed.

Below is their response - download the pdf's here
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epa response

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