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Mass EPA letter
in response to my inquiry 12-2-2016

Added 7/10/17
Evidence of Contamination
How many times do you have to landscape a property before you realize there's a problem?
Find Out Here
Safety Tips Warnings and Concerns
Lamb Thacher Ellis and Riverside
Olive Street - Wall Street Area

Added 7/7
Emails to Local Politicians and Their Responses
Betty Poirier - Paul Heroux - Richard Ross

Lots of rain on Friday 7/7 - read how this affects
Dodge Mill & Dodgeville Pond

Read the Letter
Letter mailed to Norfolk County Commissioners,
asking them to reconsider Timilty as Treasurer
Warning Letters November 2016
Read the warning letters mailed to
every major department in the city.
All Things Seekonk
Town Hall Letter - Drained Pond - New Landfill - Local Environmental Hazards
FB post to then Senator Timilty
FB post which includes satellite photography
and the emails that followed.

Contact city hall and
demand answers.

New posts are announced on FACEBOOK
Supplemental Information Available
Including photos of the DPW & river deterioration.
State Department Files
on the project 309 files in total.

First file is their own aerial imagery
use to compare with googles.

Mossberg Superfund Documents
Files Photos EPA

Short Clean-up Approval
Ledge/rock ISN'T on 101 Lamb St.
Try 132 Lamb St here .

Attleboro DPW Contaminated
Plainville Massachusetts

Environmental Protection Agency Mass Department of Environmental Protection

Border Towns: North Attleboro - Rehoboth - Plainville - Seekonk - Norton - Massachusetts
Cumberland - Pawtucket - Rhode Island

it could have been your roads

Get Involved!
It could have been your roads...

I understand Plainville isn't technically a "border town" BUT when you consider N Main Street in Attleboro leads straight to Kelly Blvd in North Attleboro where it turns into Taunton Street in Plainville, you can understand why I've included them here. One needs only consider, tracking down this road, to the gas stations on Kelly Blvd/Taunton St, where Plainville begins. Once contaminants reach this point, they are re-charged by gas stations and likely as potent as they were at the set of lights by Tri-Boro.

Contact city hall and demand answers.

Engelhard Clean Up - What Residents Need To Know


You don't want Attleboro results, where they cut corners and pocket cash. Lot's of money rolls through these clean-ups and like the Big Dig Boston or Lamb Street DPW in Attleboro, those who can cash in...do. Now, from what I understand about Englehard, having lived in Plainville a few years in the 80's, there was a cancer cluster and some children ended up with the disease (I thought 4 or 5 but I could be wrong). Engelhard was found responsible and shut down.

After the shut-down, I believe, measures were taken to ensure the end of the cancer outbreak. As far as I know, it hasn't bothered anyone since.....why disturb what's working? Encapsulated contaminants are far safer than stirring the pot to rebuild. Plainville residents need to DEMAND the highest quality clean-up money can buy. If you do, then there won't be any money left for skimming (including interest!). This might end their plans, if cashing in was their intent.

Once the clean-up is underway

  • Open a Facebook account for the project - or build a website

  • Put together a task force and have someone at the clean up EVERYDAY to photograph progress. Make sure they know the basics of taking a decent photo. Show up at odd times - so they don't come to expect you.

  • Grab wide angle shots of the entire project - and zoom in on localized activity.

  • Post them on your FB or website.

  • There is a chance you might not know what is going on in the picture - by publicizing them, someone else may, and see that it's a crime - thus ending the project and any damage to your community.


    Until these clean ups are under control, we really have to take matters into our own hands.


Here are some articles on the project - Get educated and get in front of it.
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North Attleboro - Rehoboth - Seekonk - Norton - Cumberland - Pawtucket - Rhode Island

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