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To help you understand the scope of the situation, here is the email sent to Seekonk Town Hall warning them about the contamination on Pond Street well within range of harming their community. Included in this email was a forward of the Attleboro mayor's email.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Attleboro Contamination Affecting Seekonk Near Maple Ave
From: <donna@-------------.com>
Date: Mon, June 05, 2017 10:02 am
To: scadime@seekonk-ma.gov
Cc: ctesta@seekonk-ma.gov, pgamer@seekonk-ma.gov

attleboro dyeing and finishing
Good Morning,

I'm writing to let you know what is going on in Attleboro because it affects your town in two areas. The Ten Mile River running through your community and Maple Ave where you are currently assessing best clean up methods with Fed EPA money. 

What you are unaware of is, Attleboro built a DPW on contaminated land. These contaminants include TCE, PCB, and likely mercury which weren't cleaned properly, many short-cuts were taken and even cover-ups regarding the extent of the contamination are coming to light. As part of this problem affecting you, an official obtained dumping rights at the sludgefill center on Pond Street, right down the road from the Maple Ave site.  Unfortunately this was illegally obtained, under a mis-categorized "short" clean-up with the EPA. This means the contaminants listed are currently at the Pond St Sludgefill Center likely seeping into waterways - compounding with any contaminants in the area and creating a very volatile situation near you.

The same contaminants are now running down the river heading for Dodgeville Pond and if left unstopped, it will eventually run right through your town. 

BUT the most current and serious situation for you is on Pond St - and it needs to be addressed by your community. What is the point of putting all that effort in cleaning the Attleboro Dyeing and Finishing Company site only to have an environmental melt-down in your area because of the contaminants on Pond St? I realize the sludgefill center is almost full and they will be capping it soon. This could prove to be a devastating mistake given the potential for a volatile situation occurring. 

I do want to add that I went to Maple Ave last year while the epa was doing some cleaning. I spoke with one of the neighbors on the street, his name is --removed to protect identity-- and he and his family were hoping for a park at the site. They were concerned about the contaminants in the area and were glad to see the EPA doing something to stabilize the situation.  The fire is still a clear memory for them so this brought them some hope.

Below is an email string between myself and the Mayor which I believe supports everything I told you above. If you have any other questions or would like more information please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,
Donna Lacourse
Most recent posts are trying to list/expose the problems.

River last summer before after: 

Satellite Photos of contaminated piles on NEW driveway - beneath the driveway is rock (not a parking lot) hence mis-categorized "short" clean up

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