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Mass EPA letter
in response to my inquiry 12-2-2016

Added 7/10/17
Evidence of Contamination
How many times do you have to landscape a property before you realize there's a problem?
Find Out Here
Safety Tips Warnings and Concerns
Lamb Thacher Ellis and Riverside
Olive Street - Wall Street Area

Added 7/7
Emails to Local Politicians and Their Responses
Betty Poirier - Paul Heroux - Richard Ross

Lots of rain on Friday 7/7 - read how this affects
Dodge Mill & Dodgeville Pond

Read the Letter
Letter mailed to Norfolk County Commissioners,
asking them to reconsider Timilty as Treasurer
Warning Letters November 2016
Read the warning letters mailed to
every major department in the city.
All Things Seekonk
Town Hall Letter - Drained Pond - New Landfill - Local Environmental Hazards
FB post to then Senator Timilty
FB post which includes satellite photography
and the emails that followed.

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Supplemental Information Available
Including photos of the DPW & river deterioration.
State Department Files
on the project 309 files in total.

First file is their own aerial imagery
use to compare with googles.

Mossberg Superfund Documents
Files Photos EPA

Short Clean-up Approval
Ledge/rock ISN'T on 101 Lamb St.
Try 132 Lamb St here .

Attleboro DPW Contaminated
Contaminants, when combined, as they are today,
compare to Synthetic Ricin.

Hire a Professional! Clean Harbors I wouldn't trust anyone else.

Environmental Protection Agency Mass Department of Environmental Protection

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poisons class 6 There comes a point, when you have to lay it all on the table, so I'm writing this page, to let people know, what we are actually dealing with as a mixture. I see no action plan in place, set forth by the EPA or MassDEP. This tells me, they are dragging their feet, and placing the problems in the city, on the back burner. Those governing the situation would love us to believe, at least for now, this is just a minor contamination issue, but it can wait...... NO IT CAN'T!

These ARE highly toxic, carcinogenic elements, now combined and invading the area. We should have already been issued a statement, regarding how they would deal with the problem. Instead, we see in front of us, another winter, with this infiltration of contaminants, threatening every person, property and body of water, in the area....again.

Here is an example of what should have already been issued to every one of us.


City Environmental Action Plan

  • Close the DPW

  • Close the Sludge Landfill - stop construction of new landfill

  • Close Lamb Street

  • Close Pond Street

  • Close Wall Street and the New Access Road

  • Close Attleboro Crossing Plaza

  • Evacuate Lamb Street - Thacher Street (before the bridge) and Riverside/Ellis

  • Evacuate Pond Street

  • Evacuate then test Wall Street including air and water quality at the Renaissance Station.

  • Stop River from flowing into Dodgeville Pond

  • Delay opening the schools

    I could go on here, but I think you see what I'm getting at - it's this kind of serious.

    The only actions, at this point, have been the draining of the pond on Pond Street and the lack of sand/salt on our roads last winter. If it's serious enough, to cause the EPA, or whomever, to drain a pond, and the city to take such a drastic measure regarding the sand - salt at the DPW, then do any of these points seem extreme to you?

And isn't it odd, we don't know who's behind the disappearing pond? Where's the press release?

So, I say to the EPA or DEP - Where am I wrong?

What is Ricin:

It is a highly toxic, naturally occurring lectin (a carbohydrate-binding protein) produced in the seeds of the castor oil plantRicinus communis. A dose of purified ricin powder the size of a few grains of table salt can kill an adult human. The median lethal dose (LD50) of ricin is around 22 micrograms per kilogram of body weight if the exposure is from injection or inhalation (1.78 milligram for an average adult). Oral exposure to ricin is far less toxic as some of the poison is inactivated in the stomach. An estimated lethal oral dose in humans is approximately 1 milligram per kilogram. excerpted from wiki - read more about it here.

Toxicity: very poisonous if inhaledinjected, or ingested. It can also be poisonous if dust contacts the eyes or if it is absorbed through skin.


Sun Chronicle Story (related info):

To illustrate the use of synthetic versus organic compounds, here's a story from the Sun Chronicle, suggesting synthetic marijuana, might have caused the subject of the story to act irrationally. The story took place near the Renaissance Station, where the subject lives, on the corner of Wall Street and South Main St.





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