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Tiffany Street Uncovered

Attleboro Contaminated
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How 'bout Breakfast at Tiffany Street?

breakfast at tiffany street - 10-11-17I didn't want to steer away from the Lamb Street situation but this has got to be made public. If the Sun Chronicle won't do the story then someone has to. Here is where I am on research - please feel free to use my notes and finish this story yourselves - maybe you can find someone willing to publish local news.
It all started with the land on the corner of Tiffany Street and Commerce way. I watched them as they cleared it, while leaving many trees behind. They excavated a large rock in the center of the lot - which I would say compares to the size of 1-2 pick-up trucks. A trench was dug around this rock, where I assumed they'd pour the foundation. I thought to self - has no one heard of radon in this city?

The first foundation was poured, it barely exceeded the height of the rock, and it was left to dry. I drove by again several days, or maybe a week or so later and new concrete forms were added to the already hardened previous foundation. The builders were raising the foundation higher to compensate for the size of the rock.

After the height was raised this article ran in The Sun Chronicle - Power Knocked Out in Attleboro.

Curious to find out if the corner lot with new construction was the cause, I emailed one of the reporters at The Sun Chronicle - but he didn't know how it happened. I contacted National Grid for information, but no one returned my call. Now, I sit here looking at the environmental destruction on Tiffany Street and wonder why no one is complaining or demanding more answers? 100 residents lose power and no one knows the cause? These vague articles in The Sun Chronicle should grab your attention, its in the omissions where you'll see the truth - often keeping something under wraps. (read another example "New Info 9/13/17" ) Now, understand, I didn't say the property was the cause - I'm trying to determine IF it was the cause.

Anyway, I drove by the area again last week. I was shocked and absolutely disgusted with the project. They literally cleared the entire corner, removing all environmental defenses, while changing the entire look of the area. Folks, according to building ethics this is a HUGE mistake - you don't change an area to this extent - it reduces property values, and it's not fair to any homeowners along that corner. Not to mention the safety hazards this created which include erosion and radon gas. Do you know what happens to radon when combined with the high tension near that corner?....

When Commerce Way plowed through the area - although I opposed the road and the industrial park - I appreciated the fact that Tiffany Street was changed very little. It still looked and felt like Tiffany Street. Now, you wouldn't recognize it.

Here are photos of the area captioned with more information. I have an email into the building department asking if Representative Paul Heroux was involved in the approvals for the land - because there is no way this was a buildable lot. I don't care what the books say at city hall! Those books have been modified to such an extent, that land owners now have to demand going back to older books to find out how much land is owed to them. There were some trusts in place, and Attleboro revised these trusts - while robbing those rightly due their property. Of course this was a previous administration - but it needs to be corrected now. City Hall never thought land owners would come looking for their property and yet they did. #dontdevelopanothersquarefoot #damages #demos

I say a vote for Paul Heroux is unethical to say the least, and a vote for environmental destruction unless he can prove he had no involvement here, or at the sludgfill on Pond Street, or on Lamb Street, or on Wall Street. Folks MassDEP was part of all of it - and that usually equates to Paul Heroux.

I close this with Lamb, Olive, Wall, and Pond Streets should be FIRST priority here in Attleboro - we need a clean up before winter. In the meantime, we can't ignore blatant environmental hypocrisy, destruction, and building codes.

Shot of the corner of Tiffany Street and Commerce Way before construction coming from 123.

google of tiffany street

All environmental defenses removed
What was a wooded area, now looks like a highway on ramp.
mount attleboro

Before image of the corner of Tiffany and Commerce coming from County Street.

google of tiffany street

Here's the same corner today.


End of road where Tiffany Street and Commerce Way meet.

end of road where tiffany and commerce meet

A little farther down Tiffany Street

end of road

house under construction

Foundation - environmental fencing

Here's a mapped out view of what I blogged about above.
Rock, again the size of 1-2 pick up trucks - previous short foundation and the height increasing new foundation. Remember BEFORE the height increase this was still a wooded lot. Now, it's competely cleared.

Photo taken 10-5-17

rock in foundation

Similar image without labels

without labels

Here's a photo of the area AFTER I made a fuss at city hall - notice the truck blocking the view of the rock from the street? Clearly something is wrong here.
Photo taken 10-6-17.

truck blocks rock


10-12-17 and so they continue....backfill


If this angers you as it did me, give City Hall a call and demand the return of Tiffany Street as it was.
We have to work together.

there comes a time

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