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Evidence of Contamination
How many times do you have to landscape a property before you realize there's a problem?
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Lamb Thacher Ellis and Riverside
Olive Street - Wall Street Area

Emails to Local Politicians and Their Responses
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State Department Files
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A message to residents living along the railroad tracks
by Thacher Street, Olive Street, & Wall Street.

trains mass trasit
Anyone living along the tracks near Thacher Street, need to watch for signs of contamination in your backyards. As your neighbors, who live across the street, should be concerned about the contaminated river, your properties are affected by trains running behind your homes.

During a rainstorm, contaminants are dragged or pulled down the tracks, by trains racing behind your home, leaving deposits in your backyard, or where your property meets the railroad's. The concept works like tires as mentioned below. On dry days, you should be aware of contamination, on dusty railways, doing exactly the same thing.

The farther you live away from the DPW, the less apt this will affect your property initially, but over time your property could become seriously impacted. Again, at this point, those who live nearest the property, would have the highest concentration of contamination behind their homes, so be on the look out for any of the signs below.

And, I'd consider this a sound warning for anyone living or working along the track, from Wall to Olive to Lamb Street. Given questionable clean-up methods in that area, serious contamination is likely.

Contaminated Water and Minimizing Exposure

contaminated waterAttn. Residents:
Lamb Street - Thacher Street - Ellis St - Riverside Ave - Olive Street - Wall Street and anywhere near these areas.

While Attleboro is in denial, protect yourself! As soon as I realized contaminated water could be an issue (winter 2016), I added filters to EVERY faucet in my home. Yes, including the bathroom faucet. If water supply is compromised, contaminants can enter the body through the eyes, mouth, etc - they penetrate skin and of course shouldn't be ingested.

I strongly advise anyone in the vacinity of the DPW and the New Riverwalk and access road, to consider water filters in your home. We use a Pelican Water Filtration System in our shower and Pur Filters on our faucet.

HAZMAT Safety Tips and Concerns

1. DPW Workers and Those who Frequent the Property:
I want you to consider for a moment the soles of your shoes as you walk around the DPW yard. You might think this an odd request - but when you go home at night, keep boots outside. You don't want kids slipping their feet into mom's or dad's footwear, after they've been exposed to contaminants as dangerous as those at the DPW. Nor, do you want to track them in your home. Boots/shoes work similar to tires and often have tread, while the outer shell, can act as a carrier.

My father worked in hazmat a lot of years. He was both consistent and adamant regarding anything he wore to work, BUT he was particularly over-the-top about his boots. A common phrase in our home was, "Stay away from the boots!". If he'd thought of placing a little hazmat safety triangle near them at the time, I'm sure he would have. Long after we were grown, and grandkids toddled his floors, the warning remained in effect and was constantly enforced. It's sound advice. I hope you'll take it into consideration.

2. Clean up and Construction on Wall Street :
The project on Wall street was remedied by the same company who was in charge of the clean-up for the DPW on Lamb Street. PLEASE watch for signs of contamination in any of the areas around Olive and Wall Street. Tracked contaminants are a concern anywhere near these two roadways - three if you include the new access road. And don't forget the river along the way - always looking for signs of deterioration and harm to wildlife.

warning signs - google maps image smithfield riContamination Warning Signs

See the areas I marked on the map below? Please be on the look out for signs of contamination. You have to take into consideration the fact that the DPW IS contaminated and as Lamb Street was dusted with sand/salt last winter, it is possible contaminants were absorbed by this mixture and tracked by tires onto any of the areas marked below. The more cars and trucks that drove through the area, the greater the risk of contamination - main roads would likely be more contaminated than side roads.

Similarly, stormwater can affect the area because, flash floods and heavy rains create tracking conditions. And stormwater streaming down roads, act as carriers.

As one final point of caution, we have to also consider, any contaminants, which have poured down storm drains. They might be an overlooked variable, and the source of a compounding problem.

When looking for signs of contamination, watch for burning lawns, or flowers, plants, and/or shrubs, which do not thrive where yards meet roads. This does not necessarily mean a property is definitely contaminated but it should be considered a warning sign that your area could have been polluted by vehicles passing by and should be looked into further.

And as far as waterways are concerned, look for vegetation which isn't thriving or disappears over time, dead fish or small animals, clouding, or an odor that comes from the river which does NOT smell like low tide. Look for a chemical or metallic odor.

If you believe your property has been contaminated by the DPW - DO NOT try to clean this yourself! Toxins can cause harm by inhalation or contact with the skin. AND keep humans and pets away from the area. Personally, I'd contact the health department and demand testing of my property.


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